Survey of U.S. school districts finds that more than half of elementary, middle and high schools have wifi in every classroom

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) released preliminary findings from a national survey of nearly 450 K-12 district technology leaders from 44 states on September, 16, 2013. Of course, the survey missed about 12,000 school districts and likely, the ones that responded might be more technologically advanced than many that didn’t. But I was struck that 57% of the elementary schools, and 64% of the secondary schools report 100% of their classrooms have wireless internet connectivity. That’s a very high number. I wonder how much it all costs. And is student achievement better for it?

The CoSN survey, which emphasizes that schools need more bandwidth, comes as the White House hopes to change the FCC subsidy for school and library internet access. See this Politico blurb.

POSTED BY Jill Barshay ON September 19, 2013

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