Getting boys — and girls — interested in computer coding

Thanks to the glorification of Silicon Valley riches and a desire to inspire more of the next generation of children to pursue science and technology careers, computer coding instruction for children is spreading like wildfire around the United States. , an industry-financed group that is promoting computer coding in schools, says that 31,000 kindergarten through […]


Federal education data show male-female wage gap among young college graduates remains high

Conventional wisdom has it that young men and women tend to earn similar wages as young adults, but that the male-female gap widens a lot with age, especially as women “lean out” during their child-bearing years. The Pew Research Center, for example, calculated that young adult women (ages 25-34) earned 93 cents for each dollar that her […]


The divide on how to educate fidgety boys: challenge them, let them run around or hire more male teachers?

David Leonhardt wrote about how U.S. boys are falling behind at school and later in the workplace in “A Link Between Fidgety Boys And a Sputtering Economy,” (NYT April 20, 2014).  He nicely summarizes the divide on what to do about it. Some scholars argue that it’s ridiculous to ask young boys to sit still […]