States and districts pull back from InBloom Data warehouse

InformationWeek Education has a good piece, with a punny wilting headline, on the growing backlash against InBloom’s plan to warehouse data for states and school districts. InformationWeek’s David F. Carr writes, “Louisiana withdrew from the project in April and other states who initially expressed an interest have backed off. Most recently, Politico reported that Guilford County, N.C., which was taking the lead on the project in that state, is putting on the brakes. By Politico’s tally, ‘that leaves New York, two Illinois districts and one Colorado district as firm participants for now; Massachusetts is on the fence.'” At issue is the concern that private student data, from telephone numbers and addresses to test scores and learning disabilities, could accidentally or improperly be released to software developers and for-profit education vendors.

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POSTED BY Jill Barshay ON August 9, 2013

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