Preschool spending declined across the nation by $190 million in 2012-13

Just as the Obama administration and lefty mayors like New York City’s Bill de Blasio are calling for universal pre-kindergarten programs, the National Center for Education Statistics released a report, “The State of Preschool 2013,” May 8, 2014 showing that preschool spending is on the decline across the country.

“Federal Government and Total expenditures from all identified sources supporting state preschool programs equaled $6.2 billion in 2012-13, representing a decrease from the previous year’s inflation-adjusted total of $6.39 billion….Compared to 2011-12, state funding per child for preschool declined in 21 of 41 states with programs in 2012-13 (table 3)”


POSTED BY Jill Barshay ON May 8, 2014

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