New data on Australians who go into teaching

The Australian teaching system has long been revered in the United States. Even today Aussie is the biggest professional development consultancy in New York City. Back in Australia, the government is trying to use data to track the teaching profession more closely. A first annual data report on the teaching profession was recently released in May 2013 that looks into what kind of people go into teaching. A brief summary of the new data report was printed in The Australian Teacher magazine. My initial takeaways are 1) Many low-income people go into teaching and 2) Principals say new education graduates aren’t good at recognizing differences among students. Curious if we have similar analyses of who goes into teaching in the United States and what U.S. ┬áprincipals think of newly minted teachers.



POSTED BY Jill Barshay ON June 19, 2013

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