Arizona, Wisconsin and Colorado have the highest concentrations of charter schools in the nation

I was just looking at some updated “State Education Reform” statistics from the National Center of Education Statistics and was trying to make sense of the numbers of charter schools in each state. California has the most charter schools by far at 908, but it’s also the most populous state. So I decided to rank some of the states with high numbers of charter schools by the number of charter schools per capita. I was surprised to see that Louisiana doesn’t rise to the top, but Wisconsin does. Chained below are the original figures.

State Number of Charter Schools Operating 2010-11 Population (US Census 2010) Charter Schools Per Capita
Arizona 519 6,392,017 8.1195E-05
Wisconsin 207 5,686,986 3.63989E-05
Colorado 168 5,029,196 3.34049E-05
Minnesota 176 5,303,925 3.3183E-05
Michigan 300 9,883,640 3.03532E-05
Ohio 339 11,536,504 2.9385E-05
Oregon 108 3,831,074 2.81905E-05
California 908 37,253,956 2.43733E-05
Florida 458 18,801,310 2.436E-05
Texas 561 25,145,561 2.23101E-05
Louisiana 76 4,533,372 1.67646E-05
Pennsylvannia 145 12,702,379 1.14152E-05
North Carolina 99 9,535,483 1.03823E-05
New York 170 19,378,102 8.77279E-06


Number of public charter schools operating, by state: 2010–11

Charter School Chart 1 of 2Charter School Chart 2 of 2
































Source: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Table 4.3 of State Education Reforms

POSTED BY Jill Barshay ON November 14, 2013

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