August 2013

Community college graduation rate perhaps double what previously thought, new data show.

My colleague Jon Marcus wrote an interesting piece today explaining why community college graduation rates are actually double what the data usually show. That’s because many students transfer and eventually earn a degree somewhere else. Instead of a dismal 18 percent graduation rate, new data from the National Student Clearinghouse suggests that the community college graduation […]


Q&A with Knewton’s David Kuntz: ‘Better and faster’ learning than a traditional class?

When education investors talk about so-called adaptive learning, in which a computer tailors instructional software personally for each student, the name Knewton invariably surfaces. The ed-tech start up began five years ago as an online test prep service. But it transformed the personalization technology it uses for test prep classes into a “recommendations” engine that […]


Data systems to identify dropouts proliferate but usefulness unclear.

Sarah D. Sparks attended the same NCES STATS-DC 2013 session about dropout indicators for first graders, which I wrote about recently here and a related piece here. Sparks’s piece for Education Week, published  July 29, 2013, includes the national context that 28 states are now using early-warning data systems to help identify potential high-school dropouts, citing a […]


District administrators balk at calculating how much each school spends per student

Since President Johnson’s War on Poverty Program in 1965, policy makers have been trying to equalize education spending across the United States. The lofty goal is for schools with lots of poor students to have access to the same resources that schools with rich kids have. But researchers and advocates for the poor have pointed […]


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